Online Interior Design

What is Online Interior Design?

Online Interior Design is a remote service that can provide design solutions no matter what your location.

The online platform creates an affordable solution for those wanting to have some professional design advise to create a beautiful home, without having to pay the associated hefty design fees.

Working with local online retailers, I make selections with your budget in mind, to really give you the most cost effective design to meet your needs.

Why choose me?

It is understandable that if you are considering working with me, that you would want to make sure that I am qualified to provide my services. So, here’s the pitch!…. I am a BA degree qualified Interior Designer with over 15 years of industry experience under my belt, including managing an interior design studio for a well-established award-winning architecture firm. As a member with the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and The Society of British Interior Designers (SBID), I work following the best industry practice, adhering to the BIID and SBID code of conduct, ensuring that you get the best level of professional service. What is it like working with me? I pride myself on my personable, open, honest and committed approach in providing you with the best advice and design solutions to help you see the full potential of your home.

What options are there?

Not sure what to do with your space or where to start? Do you need advice on how to make the most of your space? then why not schedule an online consultation today. We start with a 30 minute online conference call at your convenience to discuss the space and your requirements. We then discuss some initial ideas and thoughts for the space. Everything we discuss would be emailed to you at the end of the call and there is no obligation to proceed with any further services, it is up to you if you wish to go it alone using the advice from our call, or I can help you right the way through the design process with our finishing touches or full design package.

Schedule a call today to realise the full potential of your home. 

Is your room lacking that designer touch? Do you have all your furniture and just want to give your room a fresh look with decoration, accessories and styling? Then this package is for you! In just a few easy steps you can have the home you always wanted. You will complete the online design questionnaire and send me pictures and dimensions of the room you wish to design, we will have a 15 minute conference call to discuss your needs further, and from there you will receive 3 design schemes, of which you select one to move forward. I get to work on your design and selections, keeping you involved every step of the way. The design pack is issued for your approval and once approved your shopping list and positioning guide is created.

You hit the shops……..or the sofa to place your orders! Follow the instructions in your design pack to set everything up, then simply step back and admire your new room!……. its as simple as that!

It can be quite daunting when faced with an empty room, so I am here to help you create a room that is stylish, reflects your personality, incorporates all your needs and most importantly is within your budget. The best part is that its super simple and you don’t even need to leave your sofa because its all done online! I will take you through the design step by step, keeping you involved every step of the way. This package includes, an evaluation of the “Find your Style” Questionnaire, a 30 minute online consultation, 3 Initial Design Schemes with up to 2x Design Revisions, Digital Finishes Mood Board, Digital Accessories Selection Board, Digital Furniture Selection Board, Rendered Proposed Elevations, 3D Floor Plan, Positioning Guide and full details of all the selected products to form your shopping list. On top of this I send you my Tips and Tricks to assist you with styling and I am there to guide you with 30 days post design support via email.

How does it work?

10 easy steps to have the design you always wanted……its as simple as that!

  1. Complete the online design questionnaire
  2. Send pictures and dimensions of the room you wish to design
  3. Full design service customers have a 30 minute online consultation
  4. You will receive 3 design schemes to select one to develop further
  5. Work on developing your chosen design begins
  6. You are informed each step along the way
  7. The design pack will be issued for your approval
  8. Once approved, your shopping list is created
  9. Hit the shops……..or the sofa! and order/collect you items
  10. Follow the instructions in your design pack to set everything up, then simply step back and admire your new room!

Not sure which service is right for you?

Book a free 15 minute consultation call with me today!